There Are Things…



When my middle child was in preschool, he and my mother would have these long phone conversations, bordering on debates.  They always started with the same line “There are things…”.  Often these debates would start with her sharing a bit about her day and inquiring about his, then they would turn into social or world commentary based on whatever my sun shared that peaked my mothers interest or something that she knew would quickly be a touchy subject for his little mind.  These conversations could range from the nuances of a favorite cookie, or an episode of Backyardigans.  Likewise if she said anything that got him out of sorts, typically a comment about one of his friends, a debate would ensue rivaling that of  “listen Linda” .

Sometimes these conversations would end with both parties feigning saltiness, sometimes only one.  More often than not, there would be phone kisses and promises to talk again another day.  Throughout the conversation, she would always drop some bit of knowledge on him and make certain that he understood.  It was kinda like sneaking veggies into zucchini bread.  In the midst of a fun and engaging conversation there would be this little pearl of wisdom.  These conversations seemed to create a bond within these two, that’s still here today.  As I have reflected on those intimate times between two of my loves, I have wondered how many of those pearls he kept and how many fell by the wayside.  He is an awesome kid, so he’s probably got a pocket full of pearls.

So often as an adult I have looked back at situations that have seemed beyond my control, circumstances that may have brought me to my knees and wondered how i would make it through.  I have marveled at the resilience of friends in the face of tragedy and stood by them as they have celebrated the most amazing moments in life.  I have knelt in humble prayer and googled for answers that I knew I would never find on the inter-web.  It is at these moments when I have felt lost or alone, when it has seemed that there is no place to turn,  that I have wished that someone would just call me with those three little words, There Are Things…  In the hopes that what would follow would be a huge pearl of wisdom that would help me navigate this life that so often I wish to escape.

So as I begin this journey into the blogosphere, I gratefully take you with me. Happy for the opportunity to share and hopeful that you will share parts of your journey with me.  Scared for the truths I will share and excited for the insight you will provide.  Through interconnectedness, I step into this journey full of faith, that you are stepping too.

Smooches on Both Cheeks



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